19th Century Period Recreations

We work closely with clients to develop original designs for in a wide range of stylistic expression to complement the architecture in which they are housed. Our period recreation windows evoke years from Medieval to Victorian.

The building is Tudor Gothic Revival in style, so we designed the 4 tower, the stairwell and the South entry window in that style, but the modern furniture in the chancel evokes the Art Nouveau line sensibility, which is what the church requested in design for the 28 (14 pair) nave and the East entry window.

The following commissions complement the architectural styles and revive the many variations of the Arts and Crafts Period and the Prairie style.

The following six images are a small sample of the 24 windows we created for a residence designed in the Greene & Greene style.

The Victorian Era encompassed many styles, from Classical Revival inspired by Greek and Roman design to the French-influenced Art Nouveau, as evidenced in the following stained glass windows we designed for both religious and secular buildings.