We offer reports on the condition of your windows, which include:

A site survey: Up close observations that allow us to see, list, and make recommendations for, problems that may have arisen from the condition of the surrounding building materials as well as the windows themselves.

We then provide floor plans (and elevations, if necessary, to show window sections), and photographs of the windows. The windows are numbered on the plans, and those numbers correspond to a spreadsheet which lists specific problems of each window, with repair suggestions. We list all previous repair work, all glass breakage, the condition of the support system, the lead matrix, and the protective glazing, if any. In addition, we provide a priority list, so that you can see the most important problems and the best schedule to repair them. If the repairs are not completed right away, this document can be used to monitor the window conditions over time and plan for future repair work.

Lastly, we include estimates for the cost to complete the repair work. Our report will make you an educated consumer so that you can discern the quality of the work yourself. We are also available for quality assurance inspections and follow-up consultation on an hourly basis to ensure that the highest standards are met. We use the materials and procedures recommended by the organizations listed above as well as The New York State Office of Historic Preservation. This information is combined with over 40 years of Valerie’s field experience.