Windows by James and Norma Lee O'Hara, and by Fritz Beeger, the second generation designers

At the First Baptist Church in Rochester, NY, Mrs. Gilbert McCurdy designed the 10'10" x 20' chancel window with Jim O'Hara.

Jim O'Hara designed and made 3 windows 2' 7" x 7' each for the sanctuary and one window 3' x 2'5" for the baptistry at Christ Episcopal Church in Pittsford, NY. Norma Lee O'Hara designed and made 16 windows 2'5" x 4'8"for the entry and parlor between 1969 and 1987.

Norma Lee designed the 24' x24' choir loft window, and Jim designed 20 nave windows, 1' x 4' each at St. Mary of the Lake Church in Ontario, NY.

The following six locations are a small example of the contemporary religious designs made by James O’Hara. At St. Thomas More Church, there are 26 windows designed by Jim, Norma Lee and Fritz Beeger.

Fritz Beeger designed dozens of stained glass windows between 1956-1962. Below are three examples of his work.